29 - 30 October 2021 Modern and Contemporary Art + NFT

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LOT 149


TERRA 2021


PNG 5600×7000 px of digital artwork, unique
ED. 1

Non-fungible token ERC-721 on Ethereum L2 chain Polygon
Token ID: 66373468
Minted on October 8, 2021


¥1,200,000 - 1,800,000

$10,900 - 16,400

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Condition: The NFT condition report is posted at the bottom of the artwork page of the online catalog.


Serwah Attafuah is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from Western Sydney, Australia. She has been working digitally with a focus on 3D art since 2013, and has been minting a variety of NFT's since October 2020.
In her piece 'TERRA' 2021, she explores themes of world building and the personal responsibility of taking control of our own destiny through a futuristic vignette. Covered in Afrofuturistic scarification and opulent titanium biotech attachments, Her digital 'reflection of self' stands firmly in a glittering gown holding a still life-esque silver platter of planets, fruit and a lobster.
Paying homage to her Dutch heritage and her past practice as an oil painter, she draws upon inspiration from the Dutch Golden Age and classical art styles. This 3D rendered work was digitally painted over in thoughtful sections.
This work takes a literal approach to symbolism and subverts loose conceptual imagery. Juxtaposing the avatar holding the still life platter with a silver statue of Atlas: the ancient Greek Titan who bore the weight of the world and heavens on his shoulders. Layering the piece and following still life practice by placing an antique 'TERRA' inscribed globe in the background. Referencing popular motifs of planetary bodies and underwater elements from Serwah's past works, she tells the ongoing narrative of her Metaverse.

Condition Report

Written by Startbahn, Inc.
This token was minted on the Startbahn platform called Startrail, which is built on the Polygon blockchain, a Layer 2 sidechain to the Ethereum blockchain.
The Startrail solution built on Polygon where this NFT currently exists is constructed with a thoughtful approach to users and artists deal with art works. 
The security of the token meets standard ERC721 levels, and the solution includes standard ERC721 functions for transferability, but the addition of extra contract functions to enable specific features on the Startrail. 
The tokens created by the Startrail contracts (these are the groups of backed contracts Startbahn uses for the extra functions provided by the platform) do meet ERC721 standards for function use, and can be ported to the ethereum mainnet. What this means is that even though Startbahn recommends users create an email based wallet through tor.us, the tokens can be transferred directly to any ethereum address if desired by the buyer. The buyer may also transfer this NFT to the ethereum main network but additional transaction costs will incur.
To receive this NFT, the preferred way is for the buyer to create a Startbahn Cert. account (https://cert.startbahn.io/en) with their email address. The usage of Startbahn Cert. is free of charge. 
The access to the artwork file(s) is limited to the holder and issuer of the NFT. All ownership history and genuinity of the artwork is securely stored in the Startrail Registry Record (SRR). Even after the NFT work is sold at the auction held by SBI Art Auction Co., Ltd., the artist can apply the terms of use for the NFT holder by agreeing in advance with the current NFT holder. If the terms of use are set, it is necessary for SBI Art Auction Co., Ltd. to set it in the NFT. The latest version of terms of use show always on the viewer page of work of Startbahn Cert.The buyer may resell this NFT via NFT marketplaces, galleries, auction houses or off-chain markets, and transfer the NFT ownership to the next owner via Startbahn Cert.
For further information like as usage of digital wallet services other than tor.us, or how to resell the NFT, Startbahn will send guidance to winning bidders.

Startbahn Condition Reports are statements of opinion only and not representation of fact. The reports are non-exhaustive and based solely on information provided to Startbahn and/or obtained by Startbahn prior to sale, unless otherwise specified. The reports may make reference to a lot’s smart contract details and history, metadata and/or media file specifics, storage, and/or origin, and other token features, however such reports may not refer to or identify all faults and potential vulnerabilities that may exist. The images of a lot form part of the condition report for the lot, however certain images of a lot provided online may not accurately reflect the actual condition of the lot. Condition reports may make reference to particular imperfections of a lot, although the lot may have other faults or issues not expressly referred to in the condition report for the lot or shown in the online images of the lot.

Condition reports are not an alternative to carrying out your own inspection and investigation of a lot and/or seeking your own independent professional advice. All auction participants should inspect a lot and satisfy oneself as to its condition prior to bidding. The responsibility for ascertaining the condition of a lot remains with the purchaser, and Startbahn cannot be held responsible for the content of condition reports, which are provided for guidance only in assessing the condition of a lot. NOTWITHSTANDING THIS ONLINE CONDITION REPORT OR ANY DISCUSSIONS CONCERNING A LOT, ALL LOTS ARE OFFERED AND SOLD "AS IS" IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CONDITIONS APPLICABLE TO THE RESPECTIVE SALE(S).

1.About NFT
NFT (Non-Fungible Token)s for this sale are minted on the platform called "Startrail" provided by Startbahn Inc.. Startrail is built on Polygon blockchain, a Layer2 sidechain of Ethereum, and NFT generated on Startrail meets ERC721 standards.
2. Relevance between NFT and Digital data
An NFT is a digital asset which creates a tokenized proof of title to a unique digital version of an underlying digital asset (such as images, videos or other digital content) .  The digital data of the artworks is not included in NFT, and it is not recorded on the blockchain where the NFT issuance and transactions are recorded.
3. Storage of Digital Data
The digital data of the NFT is stored on the file server managed by Startbahn Inc..
For NFT transactions in NFT marketplaces, it is common to store the digital data by using the decentralized management services such as IPFS. However, there is a considerable discussion of the pros/cons about the current situation where anyone, not just NFT holders, can access the digital data of the artworks. Therefore, taking rarity which is one of characteristics of 'art' into consideration, please make sure before you participate in the sale that the lots will be sold in a state where only NFT holders and artists can access the actual digital data.
In addition, The buyer should understand that the technical specifications such as data management methods and the setting of the right to access the digital data may change due to future technological innovations.
4.Receipt of NFT
The successful bidder will receive an email to notify the blockchain certificate issuance from Startbahn Inc.. (*)
After receiving the email, the successful bidder should log in to Startbahn Cert. by following the instructions written in the email. Transfer of the NFT to the successful bidder's Startbahn Cert. account only completes after logging in. The successful bidder can check the artwork information on Startbahn Cert. at any time by logging in to his/her account.
*If the customer already has the Startbahn Cert. account, please let us know your registered email address in advance.
[For the buyer with digital wallet service]
If the successful bidder would like to receive the NFT with his/her existing digital wallet, please contact us in advance. The digital data can successfully be transferred if the digital wallet is compatible with ERC721 standards.. However, the successful bidder should understand that the work may not be fully displayed due to differences in the specifications of each wallet service.
5. Signing up
In order to bid in SBI Art Auction, it is required to verify your identity and credit by signing up as a member for the first time. Please sign up the following link.
The procedure is the same as for regular sales, so the customers who have already participated in our auction in the past do not need to sign up again.
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6. To place bid
NFT works will be sold at our Modern & Contemporary Art Auction. The sale will be held in the saleroom and NFT works will be sold in the same manner as the other artworks. Therefore, please bid by submitting absentee bid form, by telephone , using the online bidding system ‘live auction system’, or bidding on site.
The bidding deadline will be 5:00PM on Friday October 29, 2021(JST).
7. Buyer’s Premium
Buyer’s premium is the same as Modern and Contemporary Art auction and is 15% of the hammer price (exclusive of tax).
8. Invoice
After the auction, invoice will be sent to the customer’s registered address or by email for those living overseas,  including the winning lot of Modern and Contemporary Art auction if there is any.
9. Payment
As with our regular sales, SBI Art Auction only accepts payment by Japanese Yen through bank wire transfer. The payment deadline is 10 business days after the date of the auction. Please note that we cannot accept payments using crypto currency such as Bitcoin and Ether.
10. Copyrights and Terms of Use
The copyright of the winning lot belongs to the artist who created the work. As with fine  art works such as paintings and sculptures, etc., the permission from the copyright holder is required for reproduction, secondary use, public transmission, etc. of the artwork.
Indivicual terms of use of the work may be set for each NFT. The client should confirm the terms of use on the work page on Startbahn Cert., a work registration certificate issuance service provided by Startbahn, please ask the NFT holder to share the URL in advance and make sure the latest conditions before transaction.
For Startbahn Cert., Please also refer to the "Startbahn Cert. Terms of Service" below.
>> Startbahn Cert. Terms of Service
For further information, please refer to " Conditions of NFT Auction".
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