Through all sorts of tailored services, we at SBI excel at advising corporate clients on organizing and managing their properties.
Our art expertise combined with a thorough understanding of the corporate landscapes enables us to
deliver strategic art solutions according to your specific needs and conditions, which can enhance and support your objectives.

We offer:


We specialize in helping corporations maximize the inherent value in their collections, and provide complimentary valuations for the items. We at SBI can also consult on all sorts of transactions of your properties, both at auction and privately, and help corporations to find value in the art marketplace. Our thorough knowledge and grounded insight of the current art scene puts us at the forefront of establishing best practices for the art market, and help you to achieve exceptional results for the works offered.

Corporate Collections and
Art Acquisitions

To embellish your working environment, the SBI Advisory Team can find the most suitable artist and artwork for your planned space, while ensuring that your schedule and budget are kept, the artwork is of high aesthetic and technical quality, needed contracts between the constructor and artist have been signed, technical challenges are met, and communication between all parties is smooth. We also assist with the procurement of desired works of art, while catering to the corporation’s special needs and conditions.

Art Rental

We at SBI provide an alternative option of renting an artwork prior to buying it. This best suits clients who are thinking about decorating their space with artworks and wish to add a refreshing new element regularly. Art Rental also allows you to exhibit artworks on a trial basis, experiment and explore your taste and your space’s possibility, before you decide how committed you are to the context in which it’s displayed. This can be done on a monthly basis with no initial outlay; insurance, shipping cost, and installation service are all included in our rental scheme. Art Rental is currently only available in Japan.

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